Internet in Tanzania

I find the way we access the Internet from home here in Tanzania to be quite interesting.  Tanzania is “skipping” the whole wiring of houses phase and going straight for mobile broadband.  It doesn’t make much sense to dig up and lay cable in a city and country that is growing and changing so quickly… not to mention the fact that people would dig up said wiring to sell the copper for money.  Enter the USB device you see hanging off the end of my laptop.

A close up shot of the USB broadband device.  It’s great because wherever we take our laptops, we have (most of the time) pretty snappy Internet service for about $18/month for each of us.  And guess who needs to clean his dusty keyboard?

3 thoughts on “Internet in Tanzania

  1. Hey, Tom, Dar es Salaam looks pretty poor and not at all cosmopolitan compared to Bejing. Is that the case? How does it feel? Marilyn

    • Hi Marilyn, Dar es Salaam is very poor compared to Beijing and not at all cosmopolitan. However, I like it here and really like the change of pace. Life here is more relaxed and moves at a slower pace. The food is more fresh and I LOVE the blue skies and clean air we have every day. I loved Beijing but very glad we made the change.

      • Hi, Tom, I’m glad it’s a good change. What is your student population like? How are the politics or can’t you say? Marilyn

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