Expired Film

I like this photo because it turned out relatively ok considering the film had expired in 2005.  Long story short, while in Pingyao I stopped by a little shop that sold film, most of which was 35mm in boxes yellowed and faded by the sun.  When I showed the shop owner the medium format spool film I was shooting, he immediately disappeared into the back and then minutes later came back with a tattered plastic bag full of medium format.  I bought the expired film for more than it was worth but didn’t feel like bargaining and thought it would be fun to see how the expired stuff turned out:

2 thoughts on “Expired Film

  1. Hi, I really like this picture (and your others too).
    Read your post on buying 120 film in Beijing. How difficult is it to get it processed in Beijing? And do you have any advice on good locations? I will, barring health problems, be moving to Beijing in a few months.

  2. Hi there,

    Finding film and getting it processed in Beijing is still relatively easy. I get my film processed here:


    I don’t go for the “Lomo Look” and so I never get anything cross processed and always remind them of that when I drop off slide film. They send the film to a lab and they do a fantastic job. Getting color negative film developed and with the scan costs 15 RMB which equals about $2.25 USD.

    As far as locations go, to me the best places to take photos are the many (but sadly disappearing) hutongs. My two favorite areas being near Houhai Lake and south of Tiananmen.

    Good luck on your move and I hope things work out. Send me a message if you would like to go out shooting some time.

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