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My Neglected Blog

I’ve not forgotten this blog, but lately there has just been no time to get involved with photography like I certainly enjoy or for that matter then going through photos and uploading them and writing about them.  Here though is a photo from a trip a couple of months ago to my home town of Ypsilanti, Michigan.  There is not much special about this photo other than it is of the church I grew up attending as a kid, that it is in black and white, and that it falls under the genre of ‘Street Photography’ which is my favorite type of photography.  I hope soon to get back to taking photos.

Internet in Tanzania

I find the way we access the Internet from home here in Tanzania to be quite interesting.  Tanzania is “skipping” the whole wiring of houses phase and going straight for mobile broadband.  It doesn’t make much sense to dig up and lay cable in a city and country that is growing and changing so quickly… not to mention the fact that people would dig up said wiring to sell the copper for money.  Enter the USB device you see hanging off the end of my laptop.

A close up shot of the USB broadband device.  It’s great because wherever we take our laptops, we have (most of the time) pretty snappy Internet service for about $18/month for each of us.  And guess who needs to clean his dusty keyboard?

More From a Bike Trip

In Which I Write About Food

As we adjust to life in Tanzania, one of the things we have been enjoying (among many things) is buying and eating local food.  Here is a great article on the reasons and benefits to eating local.  My favorite reason from the article is reason number one – local food just tastes better.

The school where I worked before, the Western Academy of Beijing, had a great unit in Grade 7 called “Food Kilometers” where the students studied the issues related to where food comes from, particularly from far away versus close and the impact of each.  I found it to be a fascinating unit and this post is dedicated to the Grade 7 students of WAB.

And here are a few photos of some of the local foods that we buy:

Orange juice from Dar es Salaam.  I like the list of ingredients and that it must be consumed within 5 days.  Why?  No preservatives.

Just a few fruits and vegetables.  Notice they are “normal” size.  No Frankenfood here.  Not pictured: mango and pineapple – the best fruits by far here.

The dairy and eggs section.  Milk, cheese, and eggs.  All 3 come from farms in Tanzania.

Close up of the back of the milk.  It is very local, but the bummer is that the package is plastic as opposed to recyclable glass, although the plastic can be recycled as well…

The cheese which tastes amazing.  Again, very local to Dar es Salaam.  I like the short list of ingredients.

Local yoghurt.

The sandwich meat here comes from our neighbor to the north, Kenya.  So far, the best meat seems to come from Kenya.  A little further away, but great tasting.

Beef from Tanzania.

Local flour.

And finally, a favorite – a sweet, but not too sweet treat from Zanzibar – coconut peanut bars with spices.

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